On Monday – Native American Ancestry?

My birth mother, Lillian, taught her children an Indian rain dance at the family home in Northbrook, Ill. That’s what my sister, Sissy, told me.

Lillian was part Native American, according to the stories I’ve heard from my sister and other family members. If that’s so, why did her Indian ancestry not show up on my DNA test results? I’ll tell you more on Monday.

nice photo of Lillian and Howard


2 thoughts on “On Monday – Native American Ancestry?

  1. Lynne – You certainly have stirred up your own melting pot of DNA by adding new identities (cultural ingredients) into the mix. Just remember that cabbage is good both for sauerkraut and is a staple with corned beef and boiled, red potatoes. I expect to see you on a float for St. Patrick’s Day – waving a flag! (Of course, minus the hard-core drinking part). Whew, lucky for Jake that he’s probably too old for Irish Dance Classes!

    Yes, I was wondering about that “Native American” component especially since you do bear a good resemblance to Lillian. You have sparked some very interesting discussions about identity issues on many different levels. Keep up the good work and never stop digging. ;^)

  2. Hi Cara. You’re such a ray of sunshine! I laughed out loud when you mentioned me being in the St. Patrick’s Day parade waving a flag! Thanks. I’m still getting used to the idea of being Irish. I’d like to see Ireland some day. Now I have another reason to go. I’ve always liked corned beef especially with cabbage. Will have to learn how to cook it. Though I don’t know my father’s identity, he must also be Irish-American or Scottish based on my DNA results. Thanks for staying in touch and reading about my new identity. Lynne 🙂

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