Coming on Monday: “Parallel Lives”

I grew up in a modest bungalow on the Southwest Side of Chicago. My biological family  lived in an unassuming home in the suburbs  north of Chicago. The houses are only 35 miles apart, but the two families might as well have lived on separate planets. That’s how different they were.

Read more about our parallel lives on Monday.

good photo of Claire + her sisters
My mother, Claire, center, with her sisters, El, left, and Marie
Lillian when she graduated bigger
My first mother, Lillian

4 thoughts on “Coming on Monday: “Parallel Lives”

  1. I can’t wait! It’s interesting the coincidences that often turn up in adoption. When I met my birth sister we discovered that for a time we lived five blocks apart and went to the same school.

  2. Linda, that’s amazing. Do you have a relationships with your sister? What’s the age difference between you two?

  3. It’s freaky isn’t it, Samantha? Maybe you even saw your first family at the mall or the library. It’s too weird.

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