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Should Birth Dads Have More Say in Adoptions?

The baby Veronica story, a messy case involving a tug-of-war between a Native American biological dad and the white couple who adopted the child, took another turn when a court gave the adoptive parents the go-ahead to regain custody of Veronica , according to CNN.

Courtesy of Flickr/RNLJC&M

I don’t know the biological father, Dusten Brown, nor do I know Veronica’s adoptive parents, Matt and Melanie Capobianco. But the case tugs at my heart. I know Veronica, who is almost 4 years old, may be scarred by this adoption-custody battle.

This case is complicated in so many ways. One issue that struck me is the question of rights for birth fathers. How much influence do biological fathers in general have in adoption cases? The baby Veronica story suggests Brown may have been shut out of the critical decision, made by the birth mother, to give the girl up for adoption. Brown and the birth mother were not married.

Do you believe birth dads should have more involvement in adoption decisions? I would love to hear your thoughts.