Daily Archives: July 21, 2013

Explaining Adoption to Kids

Adoption is a complicated topic on so many levels. No wonder in some families, including my own, the subject never  came up for discussion. I grew up thinking my parents were my parents, my sister was my sister, we all were related by blood and there were no secrets. I thought I knew everything about our family. My parents never told me I was adopted and I didn’t find out until I was 38.

In today’s  New York Times, a mother takes a stab at explaining her own adoption to her 4-year-old biological daughter. I applaud the writer for being honest with her child. But even she questions her  decision to tell her little girl what adoption means.

“I worry that by answering her first innocent question about adoption and talking about my own history to a child so young, I have given her something new to worry about,” writes Nicole Soojung Callahan.


“Before I told her about my adoption, she never had reason to even consider what it would be like to be given up, or given to others. Now she does.”

I don’t think adoption should be a taboo subject to discuss with kids as long as you talk about in an age-appropriate way. There’s no need to go too deeply into the details. What do you think?